Why you should not be a programmer

When I was a kid I was introduced to a Sony Vaio computer which at the time was a top of the line computer.  For a 13 year old kid it was more technology than I could handle. More technology then I would ever need, even though I did not know it at the time.

This computer led me to believe in one thing, that programming was the future.  That programmers would take over the world and be the only ones with jobs worth having. It led me to believe that Bill Gates should be every kid’s hero.  I want to be a programmer. That is what I decided I would be at 13.  So, I went to the library to try to find any books on programming, linux, windows, anything that at the time was computer related to me.

I found lots of books on the aforementioned subjects, but none of them gave me a sense of belonging or purpose.   I am now 29 Years old (my birthday passed a few days ago), as of today, I have given up on trying to be a programmer. I will now focus my attention on becoming a person.  A human being.  Oh, and an Apple Developer.

Welcome to Design + Code a blog about me.  Johnny Caraveo.

Art is about expression

Programming is about churning out code. Code is art. How can you churn out art? When you code you are expressing something. You can’t fake that.  Just like you cannot fake art.  You can get pretty close, but it’s still fake.

Design is about experience

Design should have an intent, purpose and focus. Experience is the human feeling people get when using your software.  If the design is bad the experience is worse.


Why I decided to stop programming and start developing. In programming terms,

Development = Design + Code – programming






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